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 Завершились 18-і Збори КУПО

З 7 по 9 червня 2013 р., у готелі Mariott в Нью Джерсі, США, відбулися 18-і Збори Конференції Українських Пластових Організацій (КУПО). Придставляли Австралію на зборах, пластуни-сеніори: Пилип Ботте, Гандзя Шухевич та Юрій Федишин. Краї звітували про свою діальність та стан членства:

Чисельний стан країв - 2012р.
Австралія 42 57 75 179 353
Аргентина 9 12 33 30 84
Великобританія 26 7 15 55 103
США 440 491 308 765 2004
Канада 226 252 191 327 996
Німеччина 16 31 52 87 186
Польща 45 33 15 4 97
Україна 880 2832 1112 259 5083
Разом 1684 3715 1801 1706 8906

На зборах також були вибрані такі діловодства на наступну каденцію:

Головна Пластова Булава
  • Голова - Марта Кузьмович
  • Заступник – Роман Гриців
  • Ген. секретар - Назар Зелінка
  • Скарбник - Тамара Ганкевич
  • Видавництво - Сергій Юзик
  • Розвиток Пласту в світі Андрій Ребрик
Головна Пластова Рада
  • Голова - Влодко Базарко
  • Заступник - Богдан Гасюк
  • Писар - Рома Зубенко
  • Члени ГПР: Юрій Савицький, Юрій Мончак
Головні Булавні
  • УПН - пл. сен. Ростик Слабіцький
  • УПЮ - ст. пл. Іван Спринь
  • УСП - ст. пл. Леся Рудчук
  • УПС - пл. сен. Марко Чуквінський

Сильно! Красно! Обережно! Бистро!

ст. пл. Пилип Ботте ЛЧ
Голова КПС Австралії

 E-Visnyk #5 (July 2013)

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 Summer Tabory

This year крайові табори will be held for both новацтво and юнацтво.

A злет for новацтво and пташенята will be held at Sokil in Victoria.

A hiking tabir is being organised for юнацтво which will be held (pending a few final details) in the Mallacoota area. Bus transport will be arranged from Melbourne and Sydney for all participants.

Information packs will be made available in late August.


A hard copy Visnyk was distributed in late May. Please contact your станиця if you did not receive a copy!

Пластова крамниця

The online shop now has badges as well as uniforms and merchandise!

 Правильник вмілостей УПН

Вийшов новий правильник вмілостей УПН

 Пластова хустина

Приєднайтесь до акції – Пластова хустина у світах


(26/12 – 3/1) Tabory

(25/8) Plast Victoria AGM
(21-29/9) Ski Tabir
(18/10) Stepovi Vidmy 50 yrs Zabava

SP Bike hike

On the evening of Friday 31st May, nine Starshi Plastuny met at Settlers Arms Inn in St Albans, approximately 2hrs northwest of Sydney. They had all committed to take on a cycling challenge, which they affectionately called the 'Tour de Farce'. Following a few drinks and a hearty pub meal, the team ventured across the road to a park to set up tents. The group then enjoyed each other's company and the warmth of the vatra on the sandy shores of the Macdonald River until the early hours of the morning.

A slow start on Saturday morning was helped along by a big breakfast cooked by the Stepovi Vidmy in the group. Fed and energised, the group set out on the first leg of the trip along 21km of dirt road through quiet farming country to the Wiseman's Inn. With kind weather and high spirits, the first leg was completed in a relaxed 2hrs which included regular rest stops and impromptu games of roadside frizbee.

Still full from a huge breakfast, lunch at Wiseman's Inn comprised of light meals that were heavy on the garlic. Saddle soreness and overfilled stomachs resulted in a slow start to the 21km second leg of the trip however dark clouds on the horizon motivated the riders the cycle on. The team made it back to the Settlers Arms Inn in 2.5 hrs, just in time to pack up their gear before the heavens opened up. The trip was wrapped up with coffees in the pub while watching the rain fall outside and planning the next SPs adventure.

41-ий курінь УПС Червоні Маки відбули збіркову акцію на Джерело

Chervoni Maky in conjunction with Blue Illusion, Williamstown organised a fashion parade on Sunday 7 July. Drinks, sandwiches and cakes were provided and 20% of all sales were earmarked for Dzherelo. $950 was raised in all – a big thank you to all Maky and friends who came and splurged.

Members of Chervoni Maky visited the Dzherelo Rehabilitation Centre, during last years UMPZ in Lviv, and have decided to raise funds for the excellent work they do with disabled children.

Наступна збіркова акція на Джерело буде кухня під Катедрою, Норт Мельборн, в неділю, 4-ого серпня. Запрошуємо всіх на смачний обід. Ввесь дохід призначений на Джерело.

Sydney news

Sviato Yuria was held at Bicentennial Park on Sunday 19th May.

Thanks to пл.сен Юліян Ґродзіцький for coordinating the Plast display during the 14th Ukrainian Festival held in Sydney over the weekend of 7-9 June.

28.06.2013 - Пл.сен. Таня Дусь та Славка Гошовська з 30-го куреня УПС – Блискавки (Сідней) мали зустріч в Івано-Франківску з старшими пластунками - кандидаткаму куреня.

Victoria news

Пластова Станича Вікторії повідомляє усіх старших пластунів/ок і пластунів сеніорів/ок, що в неділю 25-ого серпня 2013 року в залі при Катедри (North Melbourne) відбудуться Загальні Станичні Збори.

Well done to the group of Unatstvo and their parents and vykhovnyky took part in the Mothers Day Classic fun run on Sunday 12 May. They raised almost $200 for the Breast Cancer Foundation.

Sviato Yuria was held at Werribee Park on Sunday 26 May.

Adelaide news

14го квітня було проводено успішний курс Писання Писанок для пластової молоді і всіх зацікавлених. Всі учасники одержали відзнаки і перекуску по закінченню.

Brisbane news

Our last skhodyny before the Easter holidays seemed like the perfect time for a cooking masterclass. No strangers to a Plast kitchen, our chefs for the day were novachky Ola and Nadia Sapun. Earning their yellow hustky in late 2012, the twins were eager for a cooking challenge. They'd shown stamina during their beep tests, dedication through their Plast basic training, and culinary know-how at last year's carols concert. But would that be enough to get through their final cooking challenge?

Sestrychka Lisa (st. pl. Lisa Chomyn) had set them their toughest test yet: scones. And they didn't just have to be cooked perfectly, hygienically prepared and ready in time for a birthday celebration; these high tea classics needed to be delicious.

Under the careful supervision of Bratchyk Markiyan (st. pl. Markiyan Wojewidka) and Sestrychka Lisa, our novachky worked tirelessly to prepare each batch. The smell of baking was in the air, and all was going well. Until: the inspektsia.

After performing an OH&S assessment of the food preparation area, each novachka was questioned so as to ascertain their
1. understanding of kitchen safety and hygiene practices;
2. familiarity with a food preparation environment and relevant equipment contained therein;
3. knowledge of the recipe currently being followed, including importance of key ingredients; and
4. ability to demonstrate hospitality techniques appropriate for a Ukrainian hosting/entertaining environment.

Having impressed the inspector, it was time to pull the scones out of the oven. After checking they were safe, our novachky invited all present to sample their baking efforts.

Three hungry vyhovnyky and one mystery judge were selected to taste-test the scones. Loving served with butter or jam and a mug of milk, four scones awaited our panel's verdict. The results:

With most judges happy, our chefs called in the illustrious caretaker of our domivka, for some singing of многая літа and birthday scones. Pan Viktor and all guests enjoyed a skhodyny-style high tea, and even our third judge was spotted enjoying himself.

After clearing and washing up, Nadia and Ola had met all outstanding requirements for their cooking badge.

Many thanks to our chefs and culinary mentors!
Bratchyk Tomas
(st. pl. Tomas Miljenovic)

Watch out Melbourne – The Witches are coming!

We, Stepovi Vid'my are celebrating 50 years of our kurin'.
We will be servicing our brooms, flying into Melbourne and holding a zabava on Friday, 18 October.
We would like you all to come along and help us celebrate this milestone with us.
We plan to recruit some new Vid'my into our kurin', so calling all Starshi Plastunky!!!!!
Save this date and watch this space!

Sharu shari
Vid'my Stepovi

Лещетарський Табір 2013

Thanks to Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd for your continued support of Plast activities in Australia.

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