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ст. пл. Пилип Ботте ЛЧ
Голова КПС Австралії

 Каплиця restoration appeal

Пластова станиця Вікторії has approved a renovation project of the Sokil Chapel. The project will be coordinated by Wally Herczaniwski, together with David Hassett and Wally Magalas. The aim of the project is to ensure that the Chapel can remain in use for years to come.

The first works due to commence shortly, will be the replacement of the roof shingles. It is estimated that the entire project will cost $5,500 to cover the cost of materials and equipment hire.

Plast Victoria is currently the only станиця in Australia with a Chapel in existence, and therefore appeals to all пластуни around Australia to contribute to the renovation costs.

Donations can be made to the following account:
BSB 704-235
Account 00012649
Name Plast Chapel Sokil

пл.сен. Ярема Полатайко (ЧМ)
Станичний - Вікторія


 E-Visnyk #10 (May 2014)

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 КУПО website

Вийшов новий сайт Світового Пласту:

Пластовий шлях

Просимо зацікавлених звернутися до пл.сен. Михайла Квас (Michael_1946[at] з передплатою на Пластовий Шлях. Передплата доступу до Австралії - $35 за рік. Журнал виходить з України в високому якості, з багатьма фотографіями та цікавими статтями.

download application form



31/5, 14/6 УПН сходини

7/6, 15/7, 2/8 УПЮ сходини

8/6 Зелені Свята (Nth Melbourne)

21-27/9 Ski Tabir (Mt Hotham)


14/6, 26/7, 16/8 УПН і УПЮ сходини

28/6 УПН і УПЮ sleepover at domivka

11/10 УПН і УПЮ excursion (Rookwood cemetery)

26/10 УПН і УПЮ – 7 bridges walk (Cancer council)

EGSAV 2014

This year's ESGAV camp was based in the Victorian rural town of Ballarat and appropriately themed: The Gold Rush.

On reflection, such a theme could be seen as contributing to the systemic issues faced by our post-modern society where we purchase that which we cannot afford with money we do not have to impress people we do not like. But how does that fit with our scouting principles? Aren't we expected to rise beyond the epidemic of stress, overwork, waste and indebtedness caused by dogged pursuit of a materialistic dream?

As scouts and more importantly, Ukrainian scouts of Australia we must believe that we are called to continually seek opportunities for encounter with others and engagement with the world. Our words and our actions must therefore be the treasure for those who seek enrichment.

For 36 years ESGAV has endured Cold Wars, the fall of the Soviet Union and indeed the most recent conflicts in Eastern Ukraine. Rather than standing unyielding protest and resistance of our Australian-Russian scouting brothers and sisters, we decided to be the change we wanted to see in the world: standing alongside one another in peace and unity to work together to prepare and carry out a successful camp.

Participants from Australian, Estonian, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian scouts took part in a variety of activities: 10 storey abseiling wall, commando course, underground maze, sports, talent shows, camp fires, picnic lunch at Lake Wendouree and most excitingly a scavenger hunt throughout Ballarat City.

Participants had 4 hours to navigate their teams throughout the township while collecting as many points by taking photos at various monuments in Ballarat. To take this traditional scouting activity into the 21st century participants needed to use their smartphones to upload all photos to Instagram on the tag #esgav36 (which you can see online additional photos at

As Komandantka of this year's ESGAV, I am extremely proud of the efforts of the Camp Committee who worked tirelessly over several months to ensure we had a stellar program. I am also grateful to all who attended: especially the 11 Ukrainian scouts (our largest contingency in over a decade).

As I look forward to next year's camp I hope that as scouts, we all continue to be the change we want to see in the world. Natalka Kostrabi

Photo 1: Congratulations to Natalka Kostraby – komendant ESGAV 2014, shown here with Stas Likane (bunchyznij) from Russian Scouts.
Photo 2: Group photo of the whole camp.
Photo 3: Ukrainian Plast participates

Chervoni Maky Fundraiser

Kurin Chervoni Maky in Victoria, had an enjoyable afternoon on Sunday the 4th May 2014. We had our annual fundraiser at the Blue Illusion store in Williamstown. Not only were there Chervoni Maky members but our friends as well. We were pampered by the staff, being served champagne and a yummy afternoon tea. A fashion parade with Halya Majka and Irysia Havryluk modelling the fashionable, versatile outfits was lots of fun. After the parade the ladies were let loose and shopped 'till they dropped' (almost).

This event was an important fundraiser for our kurin. We raised over $600 for the Dzherelo Children's Rehabilitation Centre in Lviv, Ukraine.

Pl. Sen. Diana Baranowski (Kyrinna Chervoni Maky)


Marijka Kohut who has been head of the Melbourne branch of our kurin for the last 10 years stepped down from this leadership role at our general meeting held on the 16th May 2014. Stepovi Vid'my thank Marijka for all her hard work and appreciate all she has done in encouraging activity within the kurin. For the last several years Liana Slipetsky as secretary and Stefa Neugabauer as treasurer have worked tirelessly with Marijka so a big thank you and your work also has been much appreciated by our members.

The new provid voted in is
Head Zirka Mykytenko
Secretary Olga Radywyl
Treasurer Stefa Neugebauer

16го травня 2014р. відбулися перевибори проводу мельборнського кругу куріня Степових Відьом. Марійка Когут (голова) і Ліяна Сліпецька(писарка) рішили виступити з проводу. Найсердечніша подяка Марійці(10 років голова) і Ліяні (останні роки) та Стефі( понад 10 років) за їхню зірцеву правю.

Склад нового проводу:
Голова Зірка Микитенко
Секретар Оля Радивил
Скарбник Стефа Нойґебавер

Міжкрайовий ЛешТаб «Країна Мрій» в Австрії

Пл. Сен. Пилип Ботте представив Австралію на цьогорічному пластовому лещетарському таборі на австрійській базі Альпендорф близько Сальзбургу. Пласт Німеччини вже організує щорічний лештабір понад 30 років у цьому самому місці. Це був п'ятий лештабір для Пилипа, такщо він почувався вдома як член булави. Із чудовим снігом, теплою погодою, довгими трасами та учасниками з Англії, Бельгії, Німеччини, Австрії, України та Америки, Пилип заохочує всіх, хто люблять альпінізм поїхати на цей табір.

Photo 1: З Ліва на Право – Шеф Інструктор пл. сен. Міра Франкевич, Таборовий Лікар ст. пл. Борис Франкевич, Бунчужний пл. сен. Пилип Ботте, Комендант ст. пл. Лаура Гарабаш
Photo 2: Пилип із курсом дівчат «Принцеси Ліліфей»

Sydney news


Junatstvo put their rogaining skills to test on the 30th March. Members from the Kvasni Hadjygu hyrtok and Sysnovi Shyshky hyrtok formed two teams in the Minigaine "The Boardwalk Bonanza". The goal for each team was to collect as many points as possible in 3 hours from markers located in urban bush and wetlands along the Great North Walk. The course featured a mix of mangrove boardwalks, dry eucalyptus forest and suburban parks and streets. The Kvasni Hadjugy team came 24th out of 73 teams in the mixed group division. We look forward to taking part in this event again next year.


Старші пластуни

Calling all starshi plastuny in Sydney area! A number of interesting activities are being planned from the coming months including navigation course, rogaining, hikes, skiing trip. Please get in contact with Volodja - defryer[at] to be added to the Sydney SP mailing list or for more information.

Загальні збори

Sydney stanycia held their Annual General Meeting, stanychni perevybory on Sunday 4th May. After participation in morning liturgies, kurin Lisovi Chorty barbecued up a storm under the old oak trees on the grounds of St Andrew's Ukrainian Catholic Church. Even though it was autumn time, the sun was shining but the wind was cold. Following protocol, st pl Hryc Huzij opened the meeting and the rest of the meeting was run by pl sen Jurij Wowk. Many issues were discussed and I am pleased to announce that all positions were filled and st pl Hryc Huzij has taken on the position of stanychnyj. At the end of the meeting st pl Jarema Hryciv from Lviv spoke about the role of plastuny in the Maidan. This generated questions and discussion as to how we in the diaspora can assist. We thank Jarema and hope he will join in plastovi activities during his time in Sydney.

All plastuny in Sydney are very excited by the purchase of our new "plastova domivka" in Lidcombe. Lots to be planned, talked about and work to be done. We are looking forward to working together and involving all in making this our new home.

Sydney stanycia is very proud of the achievements of our plastuny in the areas of basketball, travel, art and dragon-boat racing (actually ACT).

Who you may ask? You'll need to wait till next time to find out.

Their dedication and commitment to do their best their very best demonstrates the principles of being a plastun. Congratulations!!

Pl sen Myrosia Iwasyk (СВ)

На станичних загальних зборах які відбулися 4-го травня, нова старшина була вибрана в такому складі:

Станичний - Гриць Гузій
Скарбник - Мирон Іванчук
Писар- Мирося Івасик
Реф Вих Діальності - Гандзя Шухевич
ОП УСП-Володя Шендер
Господар - Юліян Ґродзіцкий
Члени- Леонід Люлька, Юрко Суховерський

Станична Рада - Ярема Іванець, Юрко Сивак

Canberra news

Пластуни стояли на стійці в церкві на Великдень.

Victoria news


Novatstvo has been its usual energetic, eccentric and entertaining self during its two сходини in May. Despite farewelling a group of veteran novaky last year our numbers keep growing, with new and enthusiastic faces expanding our group to a total of 14 novaky and novachky.

On 3 May, Novatstvo explored different types of paper and experimented with making origami swans and paper aeroplanes. No paper cuts were reported to management. These cxodyny were organised and led by unachky Natalie Wenhrynowycz and Roxanna Levkut.

On 17 May, under the artistic direction of Yarema Pryslak, novatstvo learned a new song – "Заспіваймо по Українське". Their nimble hands were then put to the test in a maraca-making activity led by Tereska and Daniel Hassett. Evidently, it is never too early to begin preparing tochky for vokhnyk at tabir!

The final two novatski сходини for term 2 will be held on 31 May and 14 June, at 1:30pm in North Melbourne. - Sestrychka Roksolana

Mothers day classic
Congratulations to Ivanka Buczma, Mykola Matiszak, pl.sen. Sonya Radywyl & pl.sen. Olya Radywyl for taking part in the Mothers Day Classic on Mothers Day (11 May). They raised $175 towards the Breast Cancer Foundation

Easter Hike
The Easter Hike for yunatsvo took place from Saturday the 12th- Sunday the 13th of April. This year we tackled the Beeripmo Walk through the Mt Cole and Mt Buangor State forest in north western Victoria, at the Gateway to the Grampians. It was rewarding hike with hills and amazing views, and an Easter egg hunt to boot! Big thanks to the 15 yunatsvo that attended, and our 5 strong bulava crew.

Зелені Свята

Даю повідомлення, що в Неділю 8-ого Червня 2014 відправиться "Зелених Свят" в Катедрі підчас 9.30 Службої Божі. Всі Пластуни мають бути присутні в одностроях. Це свято є щоби споминати воїнів, з яких багато були Пластуни, які загинули під час Визвольних змагань 1-ої та 2-ої світові війни за Незалежність України. Також щоби споминати ряди героїв які стояли на Майдані і втратили їхнє життя – "Небесної Сотні ". СКОБ! Ярема Полатайко ЧМ Станичний

Свято Юрій

Свято Юрій was celebrated at Werribee park on Sunday 25th May. Unatstvo made 'piddupnyky' while novatstvo explored the rose garden and played ball games.

I have a dream

On Friday 2 May, a group of Melbourne starship plastuny met with Kyiv plastunka Anna Grechishkina, who is currently riding around the world by motorbike. You can follow her travels on her website:

Adelaide news

Станичні Загальні Збори відбулися 30го березня 2014р.

Склад Станичної Старшини та Ради така:

Голова Ради: Пл.сен Марійка Миронюк
Член Пл.сен Таня Мартинюк
Член Пл.сен Андрій Олесницький

Станичнаий Пл.сен.Петро Базалицький
Скарбник Пл.сен Юрій Федик
Писар Пл.сен Зоя Калинюк

Brisbane news

Brisbane Plast had their first day hike together for the first time more than a decade! So proud of all our little ones here in Brisbane. We hiked up to the Mt Coot-tha summit and enjoyed the views of Brisbane with an ice cream. Thanks to all that attended!

Sestrychka Lisa


Thanks to Dnister Ukrainian Credit Co-operative Ltd for your continued support of Plast activities in Australia.

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