On Sunday 3 March 2024, Yunastvo Victoria along with their Leaders and some parents departed on a mission to clean up the “litter hotspot” (also know as Moonee Ponds Creek) that they have undertaken for the second year in a row. They were armed with many garbage bags, gloves, and some rubbish grabbers, to remove the debris and restore the lovely bike trails to beautiful condition. Our trusty leaders even cleaned along the side of the railway tracks to refresh the view for passengers of the Metro trainline.

Clean up Australia Day has been running since 1990, with over 1 million volunteers taking part annually, who contribute combined, over 2 million volunteer hours across more then 17,000 sites around Australia. In Victoria last year alone on Clean Up Australia Day, 112,576 items of litter across 305 locations were collected, to beautify our surroundings and care for our lovely environment.

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