Donations to the Plast War Appeal for humanitarian aid continues to be sent to Plast Ukraine from Plast Australia.

The attached zvit and thank you from Plast Ukraine KPS outlines how 250 people in Kherson were assisted with the provision of basic items we all take for granted – but in war devastated Ukraine, particularly in regions bearing the terror of the front, items including toilet paper, soap, shampoo, pasta, sugar, dried milk, oil, wheat, buckwheat and oatmeal are always needed.

Plast Australia stands with Plast Ukraine and all Ukrainians. Updates are provided as regular skhodyny are held to advise all KPS’s of current needs by Plast Ukraine and HPB.

Donations can be made to the Plast Australia War Appeal –

BSB 704 35

ACCT 4001 5175

Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg1
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg1
Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg2
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg2
Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg3
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg3
Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg4
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg4
Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg 2
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg 5
Plast Ua Kherson Zvit Pg 6
Plast UA Kherson Zvit Pg 6
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