In April 2024, yunatstvo Sydney had a fun-filled mini-camp at Camp Coutts Waterfall. The focus of the camp was working towards persha proba and vmilotsi in fishing.

Congratulations to Yunachka Milla for catching a fish at Eckersley Lake, Yunak Max took one for the team as the only one to get attacked by 6 leeches, to Yunak Ilya for serenading the magpies with his saxaphone, Yunak Sviatyk for making a scrumptious beef stroganoff for our last dinner and to everyone else for all round good work.

Highlight of the weekend is dedicated to the ‘one that got away’ – a monster eel that put up a good fight.

A big thank you to starshi plastuny Miya, Lukian and Julia for organising.

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