Шановні Пластуни,

The PNB (Rada) and PNE (KPS) of Plast Australia advises that on 3rd October 2023, a Statutory Financial NAGM will be held via zoom at 7pm AEDT for Branch delegates and office bearers. The next KZI’iZD will be held in 2024, post KUPO 2023. This will allow Plast Australia delegates to report on outcomes to the PNB and PNE, and to allow discussion to review and adopt KUPO Resolutions. This decision is with consideration that KUPO 2019 was pre Covid Pandemic and pre full-scale war in Ukraine, both significantly affecting Plast worldwide and Plast Australia, and that the outcomes of KUPO 2023 may reflect these influences.

2023 NAGM timetable:

  • 01.08.2023       First Notice of 2023 NAGM to be shared to Plast Comms platforms and website and to be mailed out by Stanytsi to their members.
  • 22.08.2023       Receive reports from Branches
  • 22.08.2023       Individual mailout (Notification, Registration)
  • 29.08.2023       Chair receives reports from members of PNE
  • 12.09.2023       All reports of PNE and PNB completed
  • 19.09.2023       Final date to receive registrations
  • 26.09.2023       Mailout to registrants (ZOOM link, NAGM Agenda,  Annual Report, minutes of previous NAGM)
  • 03.10.2023       Plast Australia NAGM @ 7pm AEDT via zoom

The Delegate Registration Form is available via this link:

The Registration form contains an extract from the Constitution explaining who may participate in the NAGM, who may vote at the NAGM and how Branches (Stanytsi) may appoint delegates for the NAGM.

Section A&B of the Registration Form is to be filled out by individual members

– Ordinary Members with Level II Training qualifications (KB II)  (with voting rights)

– a representative from each Kurin in USP and UPS  (with voting rights)

– Honorary Members  (with voting rights)

– any other Ordinary Members who wish to attend/join the NAGM  (without voting rights)

– Benefactors  (without voting rights)

Sections C and D of the Registration Form are to be filled out and certified by Branch Chairs

– Section C:   Branch office holders (ex officio delegates) (with voting rights)

– Section D: Branch-appointed delegates (with voting rights)


pl.sen. Igor Boichak

Secretary National Executive

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