Thank you to all who donated to this fundraiser. From the funds raised by Plast Australia, 8 drones have been purchased to date, 4 of these have arrived at the front and the remainder are expected to be received, patched and then delivered to the front over the next 2 weeks. We have received some photographs and video messages of thanks from our defenders and will share further messages as we receive them.

Each drone is identified as coming from Plast Australia – lifting morale and connecting plastuny worldwide in this fight for freedom. As our plastun states in this short video message, they feel support from Plast Australia and that we are with them. This critical non-lethal equipment is much needed in the fight to defend Ukraine.

Drones are used for reconnaissance on the Ukrainian front-line and, while in short supply, are critical to enhance the safety and effectiveness of Ukrainian defenders. The night vision drone enables the defenders night vision to see where the invaders are, and how best to protect themselves.

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