Why go to a scout camp?

Plast is one big scout family and it was time to bring the whole family together these April school holidays.

Our Autumn camp began on 19 April, with Yunatstvo trekking off first to our campsite set in an old-growth rainforest on the side of Mt Keira.

Yunatstvo was a blend of seasoned and those brand new to Plast, local members and those from interstate (Melbourne and Perth), so the priority for our leaders is to make everyone feel welcome and create a united team.

Together, Yunatstvo set up their camp, cooked for each other and together. They say that food brings people closer together and this did the trick along with a few songs and humour. Camp is where life-long friends are made.

By Friday 21 April, Yunatstvo were ready to share the camp site with the rest of the family with Novatstvo joining in and Ptashata on Saturday.

With certified leaders from Scouts NSW Activities, our Novaky and Yunaky were treated to experiences and activities that delivered to our camp theme “Do novykh vysot” (To New Heights) – abseiling, night abseiling, nigh hiking, climbing, crate stacking and parachute making to Monday 24 April.

We met a family of lyrebirds and goats who visited us every morning. Leeches were not a problem unless you stood still.

Thank you to everyone for helping to make this camp so memorable. Thank you to kureni Braty Mouhli and Blyskavky for running the camp kitchen, Lisovi Chorty for the transport of some of our new members to camp and a special thanks goes to the following seniory, without whom the logistics and program would not have been possible – Mikkal Sveum, Ed Oleskyn, Victor Zubenko and Daniel Harasymiw.

Thank you to Miya Sywak for leading the yunatstvo program and Tayissa Oleksyn for running novatstvo.

Thank you to all our leaders from Melbourne, Brisbane and even Washington USA, for creating an inclusive and safe space for all of our scouts: Tomas Miljenovic, Andrew Mykhaylyk, Marichka Bakay, Darij Kulchyckyj and for the relentless support from Myroslawa Iwasyk.

So why go to a scout camp? Scout camps are designed to teach children important life skills such as teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving. These skills can be valuable throughout a child’s life and can help them succeed in school, their career, and personal relationships.

Scout camps provide children with opportunities to challenge themselves and try new things in a safe and supportive environment. By overcoming obstacles and achieving goals, children can develop a sense of confidence in their abilities.

Scout camps often offer a range of physical activities such as hiking, swimming, and sports. This can help children develop healthy habits and a love for physical activity.

Scout camps provide children with the opportunity to make decisions and solve problems on their own. This can help them develop independence and self-reliance.

Scout camps offer a sense of community and belonging. Children can make new friends and develop relationships with other campers.

Overall, scout camps can be a great way for children to learn new skills, build confidence, and have fun in a safe and supportive environment.

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