SKOB! Hotuis!
At the meeting on Saturday 18 May 2024, we talked about Plast symbols and during the workshop we recreated the Plast emblem on paper.

The coat of arms or emblem of Plast is the Ukrainian trident and the white fleur-de-lis, the symbol of the scouting movement, woven into one harmonious whole. This coat of arms has become a symbol of the ideological unity of the entire Plast movement – in its native land and abroad.

The lily, as an ancient knightly symbol, represents the three Plast/Scout duties similar to knightly duties, and as an ancient symbol in navigation, the idea of the right path that will lead a Plast/Scout to a better future.

We also had a visit from sestrychka Myroslawa Iwasyk from Sydney, who led games and songs for novatstvo, and everyone had a lot of fun.

Plast songs are an original spiritual phenomenon of the Ukrainian scouting organisation Plast. They help Plast members to form a national and patriotic outlook. The songs have also been a source of comfort and support for Plast members in the diaspora.

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