Skhodyny started with a joint zbirka outside with in the warm sunlight. This is the first gathering since Sv. Yuri Tabir, with most new members gathering. Two new members joined as they and their parents expressed interest in joining Plast.
UPN had a hutirka regarding the Novatstvo Promise. Then they expanded on tabir Sv. Yuri’s theme – what are the characteristics of a good Plastun. Skhodyny ended with playing a game of “Knight and Dragon” (Lytsar i Drakon).

UPYu and new senior members had a hutirka around the aim of Plast, its oath and the Plast Law. New USP and UPS members assisted with running the activities for the younger members.
Plast Brisbane thanks PlastPryat member, Mrs Svitlana Stasenko, who not only sewed new scarves for the Ulady, but also crafted new shliufky (woggles) for all the new members of Plast.
UPN applauded Mrs Stasenko with triple call of Slava!

pl. sen. Kataryna Miljenovic

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