The 2023 Statutory NAGM of Plast Australia was held on Tuesday 3 October via zoom, with delegates from around Australia joining.

NAGM Presidium included Chair pl.sen. Jeremy Luke Semkıw, Deputy Presidium Chair pl.sen. Orysia Spinner and Secretary Damian Pavlyshyn.

Chair of the Plast National Executive (KPS) pl.sen. Chrestyna Kmetj welcomed pl.sen.Myron Spolsky, CEO Plast HPB and pl.sen.Andriy Rebryk Deputy CEO Plast HPB. Noted in the PNE Chair’s Report was the following –

“The 2022/2023 year has continued to draw our focus as plastuny to support Ukraine during the war.

Here in Australia, we have continued to rally together and provide programs for our members of all ages.

Thank you to the efforts of the team of the PNE, the PNB and those in our working groups. And for the drive and focus to work on the structure of our organisation for the future of our organisation.”

Chair of the Plast National Board (Rada) pl.sen.Marko Pavlyshyn noted in the PNB Report –

“PNB commends PNE and its Chair for their dynamic and effective work since the most recent NAGM, including fundraising for wartime humanitarian and non-lethal military purposes and diligently documenting the transfer of aid funds; implementing the website and communications program; overseeing a successful YuMPZ; maintaining active liaison with Plast international coordinating bodies; recruiting an excellent team of delegates for KUPO, including younger Plast activists; and taking essential initiatives and collaborating closely with PNB on the matter of an appropriate national legal structure for Plast in Australia.

PNB notes the commendable level of activity, especially educational activity, in Branches, and the extremely encouraging growth in membership, especially in the Divisions of Plast Novaky and Plast Yunaky, resulting in a growth in total membership. PNB notes the commendable initiatives to organise a Plast Group in Perth and the considerable interest in initial Plast activities there.”

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