Today was a perfect sunny spring day for the Plast Sv Pokrovy (Feast of the Intercession) in Victoria and it was great to see so many Plast members and friends of the Plast at the Parish of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Essendon.
Chaplains pl. sen. Fr Bohdan Vozniak KO and pl. sen. Fr Andriy Mykytyuk LCh led a joint prayer, after which pl. sen. Teresa Lachowicz ChKh, together with her assistants, fed the attendees with delicious hot dogs, ptashata, novatstvo and yunatstvo had interesting activities outside before the apel’, at which many achievements of our young plastuny were celebrated.
In particular, many novatstvo received proby and merit badges (vmilosti) and a large group went up to yunatstvo.
A group of yunatstvo pledged their plast oath (prysiaha) after finishing their first proba.
Thank you for a wonderful day and may the cooperation between Plast and both Churches continue.

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