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Організації в Австралії

Вісник - Осінь 2023

Вітаємо до нового електронного вісника Пласту Австралії!

Разом із новим виглядом веб-сайту, Е-Вісник об’єднає дух наших Пластових програм в Австралії в усіх вікових групах і в усіх Станицях.


Останні Новини Пласту Австралії

що таке Пласт?

Plast, the Ukrainian Scouting Organisation, is active worldwide to promote the development of children and young people as self-aware, responsible and involved citizens and future leaders of their local national and global communities.


Members of Plast will be trustworthy, diligent, punctual, thrifty, fair-minded, courteous, collegial and caring, judicious, helpful, respectful toward the Plast leadership, attentive, careful with their health, cherishing and nurturing of all that is beautiful, and always optimistic.


“I swear on my honour that I will do everything in my power to: Love God and Ukraine; Help others; and Live according to the Plast Law”.

Пластові Улади

Plast has experiences for all ages – from the
youngest little chicks to the wise seniors.

Пласт в Австралії

While Plast has recently celebrated over 110 years since the first Plast oath was taken in Lviv in 1912, Plast Australia has continued for over 70 years – as we celebrated our 70th anniversary in 2019.

6 May 1951, the first Sviato Yuriya, Woronora River, Sydney, Australia. 

The Plast Ukrainian Scout Organisation was brought to Australia in 1949 by our forefathers in the post WWII migration.

Plast was established in most states of Australia, as our founders had the determination and foresight to establish a strong Plast presence.

Remaining faithful to the core values of service to God, country and community, Plast Australia to this day facilitates the holistic self-development of young people in a supportive, fun, challenging and patriotic environment.  

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Help Plast Scouts in Ukraine

Plast Scouts in Ukraine need immediate assistance with food and care packages.
Funds will go directly to those who need it most.

Plast Scout Museum in Adelaide

The Australian Plast Museum is located in Adelaide and showcases historical Plast memorabilia including photos, badges, uniforms.

  • Lesh Tabir 2023

    Lesh Tabir 2023

    Lesh Tabir is a winter camp for families of Plast.  Lesh Tabir 2023 will be held Friday 15 to Monday 18 September at Kalyna Ski… Більше


Find out about Lesh Tabir 2023

Details coming June 2023