KPS Visnyk No.34 – Summer 2022


KPS Visnyk No.34 – Summer 2022

Most of this Visnyk was prepared before Russia’s invasion of Ukraina.

When I started working with Chrestyna to produce this Visnyk, who was to know that such a horrendous act of aggression, that had been threatened by such a megalomaniac, was going to become a reality.

Before the war, progress on the Visnyk had been very slow and at times laborious, as I never been asked to use these kinds of digital tools or programs before. I am apologising for not having this edition of the Visnyk out earlier. Since then, work on this Visnyk has been overshadowed by ongoing work to support Ukraina and those suffering due to the wa . Work with the UCQ Ukraine Crisis & Humanitarian Assistance Council, and preparation for the expected arrival of refugees into the community, has taken precedence.

This edition is being published, rather than cancelled, as a historical record of some of Plast Australia’s activities over the last five months. No war, or dictator, should erase any part of our shared Ukrainian cultural life and achievements. It is also
a reminder of what life for our fellow Plastuny should be like in Ukraina. Please keep our druzi and podruhy in Ukraina and all Ukraina’s people in your hearts and prayers.

This edition of the Visnyk is being released as is, as all our efforts a e now focused on supporting Ukraina.

Pl. Sen. Kataryna Miljenovic


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