Visnyk Autumn 2023

Welcome to the new E-Visnyk of Plast Australia!

Together with a new look website, the E-Visnyk will draw together the spirit of our Plast Australia programs across all ages and of all Stanytsi.

What has been a transitional year post lockdown years of 2021-22, Plast activity around Australia have been varied and numerous over the last 12 months.

Plastuvannya, camps, local community initiatives, humanitarian aid for Ukraine and our Plast family in response to the war, combined with community and social initiatives through leadership and engagement has shown the unity and strength of Plast Australia.

Celebrating 110 years of the first Plast oath culminated in our UMPZ at Sokil, where around 300 participants members acknowledged that truly “Nadia Ye” – there is hope!

We welcome our newest members, including those who have come from Ukraine over recent months. As we continue to grow, I encourage you all to participate in your local program and reconnect with your Plast friends locally and afar.

This month of April 2023, we celebrate 111 years of the first Plast Oath – “I promise that I will do everything in my power to be faithful to God and Ukraine,” these words begin the Plastoviy Oath, and they are words we live by, particularly today as we “Stand with Ukraine”.

Plast is for all, and for all ages. As is evident by the wonderful programs our Stanytsi have on offer. Truly….  “Пласт наша гордість і мрія”!


pl.sen.Chrestyna Kmetj Hr
Chair PNE

E-Visnyk Autumn 2023

Pokrovy Vic Mass
Event | VIC | Visnyk Autumn 2023

Пласт Вікторія Свято Покрови 2022 – Plast Victoria Sviato Pokrovy

Пласт Вікторія зібрався на Свято Покрови під яскравим весняним сонцем. Від наших найновіших членів новацтва, до наших новаків, які досягли…

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News | Visnyk Autumn 2023

Вшанування пам’яті пл сен Оксани ‘Крапки’ Тарнавської. Memorial service and luncheon held in remembrance of pl.sen.Oksana Tarnawska

Вшанування пам’яті пл сен Оксани ‘Крапки’ Тарнавської – свята літургія і гарні спомини про цю скромну, працювиту, талановиту жінку! Вічна…