Visnyk Summer 2023

Welcome to the Summer 2023 Edition of the Plast Australia E-Visnyk! 

On behalf of the Plast National Executive (KPS), I wish everyone a happy and safe Christmas and New Year. In these difficult times, our thoughts are with those on the front lines and their families, and those who have already joined the Vichna Vatra, having never broken their Plast oaths. I encourage everyone to contribute to the fundraiser “Sending Christmas in Boxes”, which is putting together Christmas packages for plastuny that are fighting in the war as well as children in frontline territories, children of internally displaced persons and children of plastuny killed in the war.

In this quarter, Plast activity continued throughout Australia, tabory were held in Sydney, trips and excursions were held in Victoria, interesting skhodyny and excursions were held in Brisbane, and interesting activities were also held in Perth.

In November, probably the largest contingent of delegates from Australia that has ever attended went to the KUPO Convention in Warsaw. It was a unique opportunity to show that Plast in Australia is flourishing, share our experience, and create new networks with Plast leaders around the world and learn from their experiences, and participate in discussions and planning for the future of Plast in the world.

Heartfelt thanks to all plastuny and plastunky for another year of amazing work, leadership, camping, volunteering and participation – and we hope to see everyone at our summer tabory!

With a festive SKOB!

pl.sen.Chrestyna Kmetj Hr
Chair PNE

E-Visnyk Summer 2023