Visnyk Winter 2024

Welcome to the Winter 2024 Edition of the Plast Australia E-Visnyk! 

“В Пласті росте новий люд” – these words of the Plast hymn encourages members of Plast in our aim to bring up youth to be conscientious, responsible and valuable citizens of their local, national and world communities and to foster the development of leadership skills.

Celebrating our Patron Saint feast day of St.George – Sviato Yuriy – new members in all Stanytsi stepped forward to join Plast. We welcome all new members to Plast across Australia and in all ulady!

Congratulations to our dedicated and hardworking leaders pl.sen.kerivnytstvo Michael Kwas. Mykola Pyk on receiving the Order of St. Yuri in Gold.

Perth held their inaugural Plast Apel celebrating Sviato Yuriy, joined by leadership of KPS, continuing their growth and development of the Plast program.

Activities around Australia also acknowledged 112 years of the first Plast oath.

Our Ukrainian Easter traditions were shared and taught to all ages with writing pysanky, as we prepared to come together to celebrate the Resurrection of Christ.

Fundraising and humanitarian aid programs continue as we work with Plast Ukraine and Plast Global (HPB) to provide urgently requested assistance.

In April, global leadership came together to attend the Ukrainian World Congress Conference in Bucharest.

Plast Australia was represented by pl. sen. Chrestyna Kmetj (Holova KPS) and pl. sen. Jarema Polatajko (Referent UPS KPS).

Join in with your local activities over winter – there is much planned in every Stanytsia!

Read more about the many Plast activities around Australia in this quarterly Visnyk.


pl.sen.Chrestyna Kmetj Hr
Chair PNE

E-Visnyk Winter 2024