Humanitarian Aid Fundraising by Plast Australia supports our own who have changed their lives to be on the front in Ukraine. Our fundraising is channelled to be direct and impactful.
The following is a message of thanks received from Aryton Kulhawec, son of Paul Kulhawec and Peggy Kulhawec – part of the Plast Australia family in Victoria. With Plast Australia’s support, Aryton is able to continue his crucial voluntary work extracting people from the front, and in demining. What seems simple to us… vehicle repairs, tyres, basic needs… are in wartime critical for Aryton.
“Hello. I just wanted to thank everyone from Plast for the donation. I’m Paul Kulhawec’s son. I’m in Ukraine as a sapper and EOD teck. We’ve done missions and extractions in Solodar, Bakmut, and Kharkiv regions. Also our team did majority of the battlefield clearance with Ukrainian eod police in Bucha, Irpin and Hostomal airport. Thank you all again. I can’t express how helpful the generous donation is.
It’s gone to van repairs/ maintenance assisted with some new off-road tyres. Lots of fuel and other equipment.
We had to have a new front made as we lost the last one during some evasive driving along the front line.”
Aryton gave permission for these words and images to be shared.

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