Today in Perth, the Plast family once again had skhodyny for ptashata, novatstvo and yunatstvo.
A wonderful day was had by all.
Father Ihor Holovko prayed together with everyone before skhodyny!
Our youngest Ptashata, under the care of Diana Kulyk and Tetyana Miinova, played interesting games and learnt the song “Buduiemo spil’notu”.
Energetic novaky and novachky came up with a name for their riy “Happy Kookaburras”, learned a joyful song about their namesake, practised marching and how the novatstvo greeting “Hotuis’!”
Yunatstvo had a great opportunity to learn self-defense techniques from the professional boxing trainer Hennadiy Budnyk, who gladly responded to our invitation and conducted the class in an interesting, professional, and – most importantly – painless way!
After skhodyny, everyone had the opportunity to enjoy the splash park (P.S. almost no one stayed dry).

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