To celebrate 112 years since the first oath was taken, on 13 April 2024, Yunastvo Victoria embarked on a limit testing excursion to conquer new heights. They all gathered on this exciting occasion in the You Yang Ranges and set off on a short bush walk to the rockface they would be climbing.

There was a very broad range of experience between the climbers with some having climbed a lot and others that had never climbed before. Yunastvo had to band together and trust their safety in the hands of their peers.

Working in small groups, each participant had the opportunity to climb, belay and backup belay, allowing them to work together efficiently to conquer each climb.

Towards the end of the session participants even had the opportunity to abseil down from the lookout point which had spectacular views of Geelong and the surf coast.

Overall Yunastvo were able to celebrate the wonderous occasion with a very special and successful outing creating life long memories, gaining new skills, and making friendships stronger.

pl. rozv. Gretchen Clarke

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