Plast Victoria’s summer tabir “Vichne Lito” (Endless Summer) took place at Sokil from 29 December 2023 to 5 January 2024.

After another hard year for all Ukrainians, it can be hard to remember that there is more to being Ukrainian than being at war. But there is! And the purpose of this tabir, with its theme of “Endless Summer” was to remind ourselves of the fun, the freedom, the closeness, and the community spirit that comes with being Ukrainian in Australia, and that makes Ukrainian ideals worth defending.

This year’s tabir had something for everyone. Our youngest in ptashata did lots of singing, arts and crafts, an obstacle course and some bushwalks. We even had ptashata from as far as the UK and USA joining in the program.

Having recovered from our journey across the galaxy, UPN are thrilled to have had another successful tabir. We had a jam-packed program, including rocket ship building, space dioramas and live science experiments where we took soda bottles to new heights! The two vmilosti worked towards were Astronomer and Astronaut, which went hand in hand as novatstvo donned their astronaut helmets and set out to discover what was in the sky above. They crafted their own stargazers to keep track of the night sky, learned more about what makes up our solar system and how it came to be all while understanding what it means to be a good plastun/plastunka; working in teams, respecting others, following rules and making lifelong friendships. A party under the stars was just what we needed, as aliens, astronauts, and space workers all came together to welcome the new year. This tabir had something for everyone, whether you loved crafts, games, science experiments or a muddy hike in the rain, we know that many memories came out of it.

Starting their tabir two days earlier than the rest of tabir, yunatstvo began with a hike through the Brisbane Ranges. We had lots of first time hikers who were fully immersed in the overnight hiking experience, with plenty of Australian wildlife including a snake, multiple river crossings, and cooking spam with two minute noodles for dinner.

Yunatstvo really experienced vichne lito this tabir, as they found out upon returning to Sokil that they were stuck living the 27th of December on repeat. They learnt skills such as cartography, using a compass, survival basics, morse code and more to survive the Endless Summer. In their groups, they were able to utilise these skills to solve the various challenges and clues that appeared throughout tabir and escape the Endless Summer.

Tativka spent a lot of their week at tabir helping out in the kitchen, scrubbing dishes, wine tasting, going on walks, bike rides and surfing.

Thanks to everyone in komanda – led by st. pl. Damian Pavlyshyn LCh, the bulavy – led by pl. sen. o. Andriy Mykytiuk LCh (ptashata), st. pl. Alexandra Bernyk SV (UPN), st. pl. Teresa Hassett SV (UPYu), pl. sen. Alex Dechnicz LCh (tativka), the kitchen crew – led by Ray Pryslak – and everyone else that helped out in the organising and running of another amazing tabir. Without all of your help it wouldn’t have been possible.

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