Ayrton Kulhawec is currently working de-mining Ukraine.

As a member of the Plast Victoria community, we wish him safety and courage in his dangerous daily work.

Ayrton is a saper with the Australian Armed Forces and went to Ukraine as a volunteer and who who today works for the victory of Ukraine, changing the territories in the impact zone.

Plast’s pupils are the most valuable resource produced by Plast.

Знайомтесь – це Айртон з Австралії. Він професійний військовий сапер. Вихованець Пласт – український скаутинг Після 24 лютого не зміг сидіти в Мельборні, приїхав добровольцем в Україну, допомагати Батьківщині своїх предків. Займається тим, що ще довго нас турбуватиме після перемоги – розмінуванням територій. Подяка батькам за гідного сина-українця. І Пласту в Австралії за крутого вихованця.

Раз пластун – пластун назавжди.


Слава Україні!

From Aryton’s father:

“Hello to all my fellow Ukrainians in Australia . I have posted some photos of my son Ayrton kulhawec working in the east of Ukraine as a volunteer with EOD bomb squad.

Ayrton has had military experience in Australia and decided he wanted to go to Ukraine and put his expertise into practice helping Ukraine. What he’s doing is extremely dangerous and very nerve racking for my wife and myself.

As Ayrton is a volunteer he needs to pay for accommodation, food, etc if anyone is interested in helping Ayrton you can contact me (Paul Kulhawec) on messenger for further banking information.

Ayrton was involved in Ukrainian dance as well as plast scouting in Melbourne.

Times like this we all need a bit of help.

regards Paul and Peggy Kulhawec”

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