The Ukrainian World Congress Summit held on 12-14 April 2024 in Bucharest, Romania, was an important platform for discussing and prioritising the future activities of the global Ukrainian community that allowed for the development of a strategic vision and plan for the future work of the UWC.

During the event, panel discussions were held in accordance with the main focus areas of the Ukrainian World Congress, which gave a new impetus to the development of our organisations, initiatives, councils and committees.

The participation of honoured guests, partners, experts, supporters and friends enabled the UWC to establish new connections, expand strategic partnerships and act even more proactively to bring the Victory closer and build a Ukrainian world.

Participating on behalf of Plast were: Head of HPB pl. Sen. Myron Spolsky, VB (Ukraine), Secretary HPB – st. pl. Olenka Bondar, LM (France), pl. sen. Rostyslav Dobosh, CM (Ukraine), as well as Plast members representing other Ukrainian organisations in the world – pl. sen. Chrestyna Kmetj, Hr (Chair KPS Australia), pl. sen. Jarema Polatajko, ChM (Australia), pl. sen. Ihor Mykhalchyshyn (Canada), and Plast supporters Maria Zavalska (Malta) and Oksana Demjanovic (Spain).

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