The Peace Light of Bethlehem is an international scouting event that takes place every year in the lead up to Christmas. The flame is a symbol of good deeds and support.
Since 1988, every year Ukrainian Plast members have received the Bethlehem Light from Polish scouts at the border and distributed it throughout Ukraine.
This year, the transfer was made by scouts from Slovakia, and the light was brought to every town and village by rail. 14 night trains delivered the light to 24 railway stations across the country. The light symbolises the unity of all Ukrainians.
Plast members also took part in the official transfer of the Peace Light of Bethlehem in Linz, Austria.
On 15 December, pl. sen. Chrestyna Kmetj Hr, President of PNE/KPS, represented Australia at the ceremonial transfer of the Peace Light of Bethlehem at St Sophia’s Square in Kyiv.
Plast Australia joined Plast Ukraine as we stood in unity to pass on a spark (“iskra”) of hope and peace. We were joined by a number of plastuny defenders for the continuation of the evening at the Kyiv Plast stanytsia. Podruha Chrestyna spoke about Plast in Australia and answered questions from Ukrainian plastuny.
Funds raised by the Australian Plast members were handed over to Kseniia Dremliuzhenko, the President of KPS Ukraine, for the “Sending Christmas in Packages” campaign for children and for our Plast defenders. The evening ended in song as new friendships were made and ties between Plast Ukraine and Plast Australia grew in the spirit of Christmas and in unity of peace for Ukraine.
It was a moving and uplifting event in true Plast spirit. Podruha Chrestyna will bring the Peace Light of Bethlehem to Australia, and we will soon pass it on to Plast members and the wider Ukrainian community.

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