“♫Mother, let me go to the camp” Ch1.

Budding plastuny were eagerly awaiting the end of the shkola lessons so they could get to tabir as soon as possible.

Cars were packed with sleeping bags, damper kits and slabs of water (graciously donated by TRUIS via their Giving Back Committee), all the necessary equipment and taborovnyky and off we went.

Initial organisation was set up by forward scouts, who overloaded the fridges and pantry with groceries bought and donated. We wish to thank Kseniya Vasylenko (Value Added Meats) for providing most of the meat products for the tabir and Royal Foods for donating salads, bread and breadrolls, which fed all taborovnyky for the duration of the camp.

After a mad whirl before vidkryttia, Queensland Stanytsia officially opened the tabir, the first one to be had for many years.

When the opening Ceremony ended, UPyU prepared the campfire while UPN tооk part in a hutirka about, led by bratchyk Platon. Then they designed shields (to protect themselves). with members of UPP joining in.

After experiencing fine dining under a pleasant starlit Queensland sky (thank you PlastPryat kitchen team), we prepared for vohnyk – another new experience for many.


♬♬The dawn chorus rings out….the Australian forest has awoken ♬♬

With the call of birdsong (and a loud bugle!) the youth woke up and rushed off to morning exercises with sestrychka Xeniya, before adding our own voices to the dawn chorus at Molytva.

Filled up with a wholesome breakfast, UPN and UPP practised songs before bratchyk Platon (assisted by Sestrychky Xeniya and Katya) led another Hutirka – this time First Aid.

With the diligence novatstvo applied in learning first aid, — we are in capable hands!

UPyU cooked their own breakfast after cleaning the campfire area. After their hutirky, they joined UPN.

I promise to love God and Ukraine!

At the appropriately name “St George’s Chapel, Fr. Martin Arnold celebrated Holy Liturgyfor all taborovnyky.

Before comencing Liturgy, Fr. Martin invited the young plastuny to come forward if they wanted to see what happens at the altar. At first three went forward, then most of the youth went forward, and many stayed there the whole Liturgy.

A wandering, young friends, a wandering we go!

Before going hiking in the afternoon, UPN and UPP made Australian damper bread, (using the kits TRUIS provided) with sestrychky Katya and Xeniya, for the hikers to eat for afternoon tea.

Meanwhile back at UPyU, bratchyk Platon held a hutirka on first aid.

After all wanderers had left, the mums made varenyky for dinner to complement the steak and salad VAM and Royal Foods donated.

We are growing, the hope of our people!

This evening’s Molytva was a Ceremonial one.

We welcomed many new members to our Plast family – from Ptashat to Seniory andsome plastuny were inducted to the next Ulad.

With the mellow sun setting againsta pink-tinged horizon, a stillness fell over the tabir with the anticipation of the ceremony to come. May all take to heart theirPlast promise: “We will not break our oaths.”

Trychiy Hotyus’ and SKOB!

(Some participants could not be present on this night; they were inducted indivudally, and our other budding Ptashata will be welcomed at a toddler-friendly time).

Horyt’ Vatra…. And all of tabir is singing!

A fitting end to a fully-packed fun-filled day!

With a sweetener at the end – toasted marshmallows.

Nich vzhe ide, za verkhom

Yasne sontse davno vzhe zaishlo.

Tykho spy. Bez tryvoh…

Tut ye Boh, tut ye Boh!


Farewell time is coming… but the camp spirit will not die out.

A happy birthday to yunachka Sofia. During morning Molytva we sang Mnohaya Lita. Sofia brought birthday cake to share with her Plast family.

Another delicious breakfast by our wonderful Kitchen team readied UPP and UPN for their morning activities. UPyU chose to cook their own breakfast, before they started disassembling the tents.

Stealthily, UPP and UPN used mainly natural materials – driftwood and shells (donated by Margaret Spiddocke, Ukrainian Crafters, Qld) to create their mums a gift for Mother’s Day. Sestrychka Xeniya created a sample item for inspiration.

We hope Mums enjoyed their gifts and their special day.

Last few activities for the day before a communal lunch, when we all sat together. After lunch we enjoyed Sofia’s birthday cake.

Our final gathering for this tabir – the Closing Molytva. Farewell for now!

A big thank you to all PlastPryat members – they cooked, cleaned, cleaned, washed and swept the house and toilets before and at the end of the camp (I think they were left cleaner than when we arrived). Without you, the vyhovnyky would not have been able to concentrate on their role in working with your children.

Trychi Slava!

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