Visnyk Autumn 2024

Welcome to the Autumn 2024 Edition of the Plast Australia E-Visnyk! 

The warmth of the summer sun across Australia entices plastuny of all ages to come together and participate in our plastovi programs.

Summer in Australia for plasytuny brings the joys of summer tabory, excursions and gatherings of kurins – with summer 2023/24 seeing activities across all states.

The 2023/24 NSW stanytsia summer camp, “Hoverla” – with the motto of the camp “The mountains are calling – I must go” was echoed in the activities with around 70 taking part in the camp including Brisbane, Canberra and Perth joining their Sydney plastuny.

A tabir highlight was the hike to the peak of Mt Kosciusko where a group photo was taken with the Ukrainian flag and bratchyk Tomas’s “trembita”.

Plast Victoria’s summer tabir “Vichne Lito” (Endless Summer) took place at Sokil from 29 December 2023 to 5 January 2024. The purpose of this tabir, with its theme of “Endless Summer” was to remind ourselves of the fun, the freedom, the closeness, and the community spirit that comes with being Ukrainian in Australia, and that makes Ukrainian ideals worth defending.

It was a delight to visit Ukraine in December 2023 and meet with plastuny in Kyiv and Lviv. Beside the the main Christmas tree at Sofiyska Ploscha, members of Plast Kyiv and our plastuny defenders passed on the Bethlehem Light of Peace to be brought back to Australia. This spark of hope continues to be shared by plastuny worldwide over the Christmas period joining us in spirit and hope with a prayer for peace for all and in Ukraine.

Read more about the many Plast activities around Australia in this quarterly Visnyk!

This is the Plast way that lifelong memories and friendships are forged!

We look forward to seeing plastuny at Easter masses and celebrations around Australia. Khrystos Voskres!


pl.sen.Chrestyna Kmetj Hr
Chair PNE

E-Visnyk Autumn 2024